Purchase orders confirmation

This application was a “Christmas gift” for members from purchase department. I have seen that edi connection via idocs  was not established with all of vendors and many of purchase orders/items  had to be confirmed manually. If you know how standard ME22N transaction works, You have to admit that this part of the activity is very time consuming. Users have to open particular Po item by item and confirm it in item detail. Imagine that there can be up to 100 or more items to be confirmed for one PO.

Because a large part of the confirmation is in fact a constant (reference, delievery date) and confirmed quantity mostly corresponds with required delievry time from PO already recorded in Po , i have created zreport for Po confirmations.

This report reads at first all items of particular PO and shows items on the screen (ALV layout) . Report also allows to specify constant data on the selection screen. Then user can easily udjust data on the screen and the Po is confirmed almost in one shot.

The big advantage is here when some Po is confirmed , and then confirmed later on  again with different data. The report can overwrite old confirmed items with new data .

Here I can see real benefit of zreport. Simply it saves a lot of time.