Monthly material consumption

Monthly material consumption report is a report which shows monthly consumption of material bssed on selected material movement (101,102,201,261, 601 etc.. movements between storage locations are not shown). Report shows also material description, materila master data for planning .

The main problem to solve was the performance. Cause the report is based on MSEG table, data can not be read directly. Solution has two parts,  archive of mat. movements creation and the report . As we know that when the period is closed, no new material movements can be created for that period. It makes no sense to search for those material movements every time when the report is running. Monthly archive creation takes about one hour . The data reading then takes few seconds , subotals per material movements are stored.

The report shows material consumption per material for last 12 periods. It shows average consumption and it is easy to to compare with planning parameters from MRP data as safety stock, average delievry time and so on.

Main usage of the report:

-check monthly consumption

-check planning parameters , for example if safety stock has a reasonable value

-check number of receipts and issues per material and plant

-compare current stock with average consumption