Costing master data

I was realy tired from the same kind of questions: “Why this material can not be costed without errors via CK11N?”. There is one phase of the costing via CK11N where user can  got just error message “Not costed”. Nothing else. Imagine, that there is about 500 itesm transferred from another system via PDR. There is no way to chcek them in very short period.

Basic master data errors

– no costing screen in mat. master data (MM02)

– wrong procurement type

– missing bill of material

– missing routing

– missing inforecord for subcontracting

– average price zero


I have collected those and more issues in one zreport called check costing master data. Then users can simply run this transaction/report for one or more material. It shows list of potencional problems with their master data. This reduced number of  “small incidents” rapidly .